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About Us

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The main mission of the service is to enable Internet users to buy goods in any online store in Europe and Russia, regardless of the restrictive or unfavorable conditions associated with the delivery or method of payment for the goods.

Now you can simply send links to products, and the service will independently make their purchase and delivery to your door.

Or use the service address closest to the store you are interested in. Specify it in the order as the delivery address and the order will be accepted at the service warehouse, after which it will be sent to you.

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Our Offer

  • Registration: Free
  • Membership: Free
  • Assisted Purchase Fee: 7%
  • Photoreport Free
  • 3 Product Images: Free
  • Repacking: Yes
  • Storage: 2 months Free
  • Address for purchasing: 3 €
  • Checking goods: Yes


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Customer Reviews

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  • 4 items

    Date of receiving: 2022.08.17
    User: censey
    Track number: CJ230508415RU
    Photo: own
    Placed an order for the first time. I liked the service, prompt communication with assistants, quick redemption and dispatch. I ordered Goldwell shampoo, mask, conditioner and hair spray from ebay, in professional volumes. The item was well packaged and delivered without damage. My second order has already arrived at the warehouse and I am placing the third one. I will continue to use Aukciony.com with pleasure. Thank you!
  • 11 items from lepetitvapoteur

    Date of receiving: 2022.08.11
    User: mostwanted007
    Track number: EJ228800593RU
    Photo: From the online store
    This is the third time we have ordered flavors from France. They paid both through the service and themselves. The course is certainly high, but if you don’t bother with transfers to Kazakhstan, it’s acceptable. I like everything, convenient, fast. All questions are consulted. I recommend!
  • RARE Ancien catalogue A n°1 J. RENNOTTE bronze ornement d’art ameublement Empire

    Date of receiving: 2022.08.01
    User: d.n.stepanov
    Track number: RJ052422361RU
    Photo: Delivered by manager
    Everything is great! The item was securely packaged and delivered on time.
  • bag CAMPOMAGGI Handtaschen

    Date of receiving: 2022.10.07
    User: censey
    Track number: CJ225764676RU
    Photo: Own
    ЗI say here not for the first time. Despite the fact that the rate is slightly higher than that of other intermediaries, but the delivery times are so fast that it`s worth it. In addition, at all stages of the order, the support service works quickly and efficiently. Thank you!
  • Nozzle for taming flying hair, Aufsatz zur Bändigung fliegender Haare

    Date of receiving: 2022.09.14
    User: censey
    Track number: CJ225763962RU
    Photo: Own
    I ordered a nozzle for a Dyson hair dryer. Although they are in Russia on marketplaces, I was afraid of fakes. Redeemed as always quickly, a week later the package was already on the way. Packed securely and carefully. Satisfied with the service and will continue to use!
  • Red Wing Boots

    Date of receiving: 2022.07.05
    User: topperbball796@yahoo.com
    Track number:
    Photo: Own
    I have used the assisted service five times to buy shoes from Avito marketplace with no issues. Once in the warehouse the shipping turn around time is fast. Having the shoes delivered from Russia to the United States took 36 days without any issues getting through customs. The service is expensive compare to other intermediary service companies I have used but overall reliable. I will use them again in the future.