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RepackingYesDelivery CalculationYes
Storage2 months FreeCustoms clearance in the EUYes
Address for purchasing3 €Assistance in resolving disputes with a supplierYes
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  • Every girl needs this travel jewellery case for transporting her best friends-diamonds or Swarovski jewellery when going on holiday.))) I'm very happy, it's a great jewellery case with lots of additional care cosmetic products. I was glad to see in particular L'OREAL Fiberceutic hair mask. Accept me into your regular customer club!

  • I love embroidering, it calms the nerves)). For the last half a year I have used only services of this agent to order threads, canvas, accessories, rhinestones and transfer patterns from Italy. I wouldn't say it's cheap to embroider using Italian materials, but for me the quality is in the first place so as a result the embroidery is much better.

  • Forgot about the comment. Everything’s perfect.Delivered fast. The package looks good.An excellent job. Thank you

  • I used the Mail forwarding service of your company for the first time. I liked everything: good and logical website, helpful consultants, almost immediate shipping. I will use your services again and recommend you to my friends. Tracking number: EE042147205HR. Elena

  • Thank you. Everything was fast, prompt and as a matter of fact not expensive.

  • Thank you very much, I'm very pleased with your work. I received everything undamaged. Package EE042142251HR was sent on 26.03.2015, and I received on 02.03.2015. It was delivered to Siberia in just 10 days, as from experience I know that it takes 10 days for a package to be delivered only to Moscow. The consultants are very attentive and always at your service, day and night, despite the difference in time. I used to order items from America and China, and you were the best in terms of delivery time!

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