Assisted purchase and delivery service
from Russia and Europe

1. How much does it cost to ship?
  • Shipping cost from Russia = tariff + packaging (<5 kg € 9, <10 kg € 18)
  • Shipping cost from Italy, Germany = tariff + packaging (<5 kg € 9, <10 kg € 18)
2. How to buy in Russia?
Follow this link.
3. How to get an address for shopping?
Sign up and follow the link (shopping addresses are shown in your account)
4. How to pay?
To pay for delivery, use the Paypal, Visa / Mastercard payment or bank transfer.

Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions are applicable to all pages of the website. They are intended to be used only by the company clients: to view and select a product, to make a request for buying a particular product, to pay for the items, to place orders for purchasing and delivering items/packages/cargo. The company acts as an agent between a seller and a buyer, implementing and combining different stages of item delivery to a final customer, a client of eu.aukciony.com

Each user of this website must follow the terms and conditions of the website. The website administration can make changes to the terms and conditions according to its decision without prior notice by publishing on this website. We recommend users to read these terms and conditions before every new order.

The terms and conditions are used for a civilized dialogue and conflict prevention.


By registering on the website you confirm that information submitted by you including information in your personal account is correct. In case of changing or adding information to your profile, you must inform the website administration in order to avoid any mistakes while placing an order for delivery. If a user provided incorrect information, the agent shall not be responsible for any problems related to delivery of packages or cargo.

Registration on the website means that the use has read and agreed with all terms and conditions and their future changes.

The user guarantees to keep the access data to the website (username and password) confidential and not to share with third parties. The user is responsible for any actions on this website performed by third parties using personal username and password of the user.

In case of unauthorized use of your password, name, username, and any other personal data, you shall immediately inform the website administration to block your profile.



Priority Mail Express International / PRIORITY AIR INTERNATIONAL

A package is sent by post. Receiving packages - delivery is carried out to a post office of your delivery address.

Small package

Time of delivery: 3-15 days (depending on the country of the recipient)

Size limits:

  • Minimum package/letter size - 140 mm * 90 mm
  • Maximum length of one size should not exceed 600 mm, maximum combined length and girth should not exceed 900 mm.

Weightlimit up to 2 kg.

Standard package



Size limits:

  • Minimum 17.6 cm * 25 cm
  • Maximum a + b + c + d + e = 2.00 m, maximum length of one size is 1.05 m
  • Weight limit up to 20 kg.


    EMS is the most popular way of sending items because the ratio of cost and quality of delivery is the best at the moment. The EMS service sends packages of 0.1-30 kg. A courier delivers a package to your door at the address you stated.

    To save on delivery you can order a free service of combining several purchases into one package. The more the items are ordered the cheaper delivery of a separate one will be.

    Time of delivery: 6-12 days.

    International size limits - EMS shipments:

    • Minimum 17.6 cm * 25 cm
    • Maximum 150 cm * 150 cm * 150 cm, 2 x Height +2 x Widths and 1 Length should not exceed 300 cm.

    Weightlimit up to 30 kg.

    • The price includes shipment tracking using a tracking code
    • Your shipment is delivered to your door or to an EMS office in your city
    • If a number of identical items exceeds the needs of a recipient and his family, such items will be placed into the category of "consolidated shipment", as a product of commercial use (so the customs duties should be paid). For more details, please contact our consultants
    • The items must not be in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation


    Package size limits:

    • Minimum 17.6 cm * 17,6cm*17,6cm
    • Maximum 150 cm * 150 cm * 150 cm

    Cities and towns where EMS is available for: Azerbaijan, Agdam, Agdere, Asgeran, Fizuli, Qubadli, Hadrud, Jabrail, Kelbajar, Khanhendi, Khojaly, Khojavand, Lachin, Shusha, Zangilan District


    • 1. PACKAGES

      • International shipments cannot contain the following:
      • Indecent or immoral items
      • Counterfeit and unauthorised items
      • Items that by their nature or packaging may be hazardous for the postal personnel or ordinary population, or may soil or damage other shipments, postal equipment, or property of a third party. Packaging should be sealed.
      • Documents of current and personal correspondence and any correspondence exchanged by the persons not being the sender and recipient or a person residing therewith
      • Currency of the Russian Federation and foreign currency
      • All types of firearms, their parts, ammunition for them and their parts, constructively similar to civil and service personnel weapons;
      • Explosives, inflammatory substances, blasting devices, and firing agents
      • Live animals, except for bees, leeches, silkworms, which are shipped with a veterinary certificate available
      • Pathogenic or potentially pathogenic organisms
      • Perishable items
      • Alcohol products and ethyl alcohol, beer
      • Tobacco products and smoking mixtures
      • Precious stones of any kind and condition, natural diamonds except for jewellery
      • Drugs and psychotropic substances, narcotic plant seeds
      • Ozone-depleting substances
      • Hazardous waste products
      • Poisonous substances
      • Plant-protection products subject to the provisions of Annexes A and B to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants of May 22, 2001
      • Equipment for fishing/catching the aqueous biological resources
      • Ready mesh fishing nets made from synthetic or other polyamide monothreads, with a thread diameter less than 0.5 mm and mesh size less than 100 mm (length of mesh at one side less than 50 mm)
      • Electric fishing systems and equipment consisting of electric signal generators with connected conductors and accumulators (batteries), employed together to fish biological aquatic resources using electric current, electric fishing rods
      • printed and audiovisual material
      • That propagate extremist or terrorist activities or publicly justify terrorism
      • Military literature
      • Pornography
      • Produced or distributed in violation of the laws of Eurasian Economic Community on elections and referenda
      • Intended to spread propaganda containing Nazi ideas or symbols, or ideas or symbols that might be confused with those of Nazi ideology
      • Containing other information that could be prejudicial to the political and economic interests of the Russian Federation, to public safety, or to the health and morality of its citizens
      • The following items are prohibited for being sent for personal use (when sent to or from the address of private individuals for needs that are not related to company activities):
      • Special technical devices designed for eavesdropping
      • Human organs and (or) tissues, blood and its component
      • Radioactive materials
      • Cultural artifacts
      • Plants of any kind and in any form, including seeds
      • Scrap and waste from ferrous and non-ferrous metals
      • Non-manufactured precious metals, precious metal scrap and waste, ores and concentrated precious metal products, and primary products containing precious metals
      • Mineral raw materials (non-manufactured natural stones)
      • Information about the Earth’s interior
      • The items referred to the category of conventionally permitted for international mailing for personal use and are subject to appropriate permission from the Russian national controlling authority
      • Cryptographic devices and equipment with the cryptographic function
      • Radioelectronic devices and/or high-frequency civil devices, including built-ins or being a part of other goods restricted for import to the customs territory of the Customs Union
      • bees, leeches, silkworms accompanied by a veterinary certificate.

      • The following items are prohibited for shipment :
      • Firearms, edged weapons, ammunition.
      • Furs and ivory.
      • Insects, larvae, pupae, etc.
      • Jewellery made of precious metals and stones.
      • Non-manufactured precious stones.
      • Human remains, ashes.
      • Items that could be used as weapons.
      • Animals, fish, and birds
      • Excise and uncancelled stamps.
      • Precious metals bars
      • Pornographic materials.
      • Antiques, works of art.
      • Narcotics, psychotropic, dangerous and poisonous substances.
      • Perishable products
      • Dangerous goods
      • Items containing any type of firearms or edged weapons, and ammunition.
      • Banknotes, currency.
      • Biological samples.
      • Pharmaceutical products.
      • Any items prohibited for shipment by laws of the route countries.
      • Cargo that is not considered to be very large for a standard goods transport by road (more than a size of a container of 20 tons)


    After receiving your items at our warehouse in any country, our company provides free storage for 2 months. After that period the cost of storage at warehouses in Europe (Italy, Germany, England and Croatia) is 5 euros per order. Due to failure in paying for additional storage for more than two months from the date of expiry of the storage period, the company reserves the right to liquidate the items.

    • Delay in shipment may occur if:
    • The item does not meet the rules and regulations of the sending country.
    • You consciously provided false data and there is no invoice for the item.
    • The item is one of the prohibited items
    • There is an attempt to smuggle prohibited items in the purchased goods (e.g., seeds in a pocket of the purchased item).
    • The money you credited to the balance has not been received on your current account.


    Goods delivery is carried out by EMS and Priority Mail, to find out other shipping options, please contact managers.

    Goods delivery throughout the European Union is carried out by courier companies (such as USPS, GLS, SDA ...), post or EMS

    Goods delivery to countries apart from the EU and Russia is carried out only by post and EMS


    To accept online payments on Mailforwarding we use billing aggregators whose financial stability has been tested and beyond doubt. If there are any problems with the operation of billing aggregators (payment "is not responding" or has not been received on the due day, has been credited to another company by mistake), we try to help our client solve these problems. But you should understand that our service is responsible for the money only after its actual receipt on your balance in the Mailforwarding system. We can replenish your balance in absentia by using payment notification emailed to us. However, if the money hasn't been received within 3 days, the items will be sent with a delay or returned to the seller.

    Our company accepts payment via Pay Pal. In this case, Pay Pal sends you a bill. If you paid for the item using Pay Pal, you should pay for delivery the same way.

    If you prefer to use receipt / invoice for making payment by bank transfer, just print out the company details and pay at any bank.

    You can see fees of payment instruments, dates of payment and maximum amount of payment on the page of the payment system.

    If due to some reasons the balance has been credited incorrectly, the client should inform the website administration without a delay within 5 working days.

    You accept the rates on shipping to your country stated on our website, these rate are permanent, but they can be changed due to changes made by postal or courier services.



    • Only customers of the Aukciony service who have made at least one complete (paid) purchase via it can take part in this promotion.
    • To participate you need to send your review on the purchase, quality, item price, the Aukciony service via a form on Review page.
    • For reviews containing at least one real picture of a purchased item and/or a package, the client is encouraged with 5 euros credited to the balance.
    • For reviews without real pictures but with a unique tracking number of a purchased item the client is encouraged with 2 euros credited to the balance.
    • For reviews containing a link to video review published on YouTube or any other similar website, from which it is possible to add the video to our website, the client is encouraged with 8 euros credited to the balance.
    • Bonus funds credited to the account during the promotion can be spent on any services and purchases via the Aukciony service.
    • Bonus funds are impossible to transfer from the balance to the account.
    • All reviewers are moderated by the administration of eu.aukciony.com. Abusive and improper reviews will not not published.
    • The administration of the Aukciony.com service reserves the right not to publish improper, inaccurate reviews as well as reviews containing "heavy" baseless criticism of the eu.aukciony.com personnel. Grammar and style of your review can be corrected by a moderator.
    • One user can write no more than 5 reviews for promotion in 12 months.
    • Reviews without a real tracking number, photos, videos are accepted for publication but are not eligible for promotion.
    • If a review contains both a tracking number and a photo, a video and a tracking number, a video and a photo, etc., we encourage only one , the most "expensive", element of the review. For example, a review containing a video and a tracking number is encouraged with 8 euros credited to the account.



    • Safety of money. Funds on a customer's balance in the system are blocked only at the moment of purchase.
    • We register all your requests for purchase and respect them. If while being inspected at the warehouse the item does not meet your requirements, you will get your money back to your balance and the item will be returned to the retailer. The company deals with all expenses.
    • If the retailer does not send the ordered items and does not respond to letters for more than 14 days after receiving payment for the item, the money paid for the item will be returned to a customer's balance.
    • If you have received the item which does not match the description (size, colour, model), we'll refund the money to your balance, and deal with the return of the item to the seller.
    • The money can be withdrawn from our system immediately, you just need to make a request in your personal account.
    • By ordering goods at a factory, the client pays only 30% of the price, the rest of it is to be paid only after production.


    10.1. The website administration is responsible for finances, received on the bank account of the Company only if these payments are directly related to the implementation of the orders on eu.aukciony.com : purchasing items from foreign retailers (in shops), providing services of postal delivery or transportation and cargo delivery to the customer, packaging of items or additional services provided by the Company.

    10.2. The administration reserves the right to determine order and currency of calculations in the system.

    The administration establishes the fixed amount of fees for crediting the balance by the Client and withdrawing money from the system.

    In case of blocking or deleting a client's account, the administration will refund the payment made by the Client within 15 calendar days if the Client confirms to take back the money funds remaining after all the payments made to a seller/shop, for delivery service in Europe, to payment systems and banks. Transfers of money are made in accordance with the latest payment details known to the administration. The refund is given only if the amount of the refund exceeds the minimum fee for withdrawing money by a chosen method.

    In all other cases, it's the user (former user) who is obliged to agree with the administration on the manner and period for returning the remaining sum of money on the balance.

    10.3. We guarantee our clients, who order item purchases via the website, their money safety in case the retailer doesn't have the item or it turns out to have some defects when it is delivered to the warehouse of the company. In above mentioned cases the client has the right to request the refund from the Company. In its turn, the Company shall return the money to the customer within 15 working days of the written request being received from the client . The full price of the item as well as all the costs connected with the payment of the order shall be returned. The money will be refunded according to the bank details used for payment. Other options for money withdrawal can be discussed with the managers of the Company.

    10.4. If the client wishes to use the eu.aukciony.com service to return the product to the seller/store due to other things not relating to mistake caused by a seller/store or company managers, defects, the company will return the item to the seller and the client will get only the item price less all the fees and costs connected with the item purchase from the seller/store and its delivery.

    10.5. The customer has the right to keep the money on his personal account in the company in order to make purchases abroad in future.

    10.6. When the "agent" service is ordered, the company takes care of all the costs associated with shipment/transportation of the item to the company's warehouse, packing, repacking, customs clearance, bank transfer fees, and informs the customer about the final payment amount stated in the order on eu.aukciony.com

    10.7. The company is not responsible for any cancel of bank transfer, in this case all claims should be submitted to a bank.

    10.8. By placing an order on the website of the Company, the Client agrees with the announced amount of the payment or in the case of partial payment, agrees with all possible payments related to the delivery of the purchase. The company is not responsible if the seller (store) has changed or hasn't mentioned the terms for delivering the items to the warehouse of the company.

    10.9. The Company is not responsible and does not guarantee the money refund if the specifics of the item/seller involve risks and the client is aware of these risks while making a purchase. For example, the product is used, discounted due to defects, problems with packaging, condition, operation. The company does not assume financial responsibility for client's purchases made on websites (in stores, from sellers), where it is clearly stated it is impossible to return or exchange an item,or submit a claim about its quality.

    10.10. In any case, the company will try to solve emerging problems taking into account interests of its clients in the first place.

    The company tries to solve all possible disputes and problems through negotiations. In the event of failure to reach an agreement, all disputes should be solved in court according to the location of the defendant.


    Receiving items

    Always open and inspect the goods at the place of receipt. If there are any damages, immediately make a photo report, file a report at the presence of a postal employee, a courier, at a warehouse of a transport company.


    Upon receipt of the item you should open it and inspect for any damages at the presence of a postal service employee. If there are some damages, you should draw up a statement of accepting the item in improper condition at the presence of an employee giving you the package. Only having such a statement you can count on a refund for the item. Otherwise, you submit all claims for compensation for damages during transportation to postal or EMS employees.

    In this case, you insure your items against possible risks during transportation. In this case you must document all damages in the presence of a postal/courier service employee and send a scan copy or a photo of this document together with pictures of the damaged item to info@aukciony.com. In this case, our company will compensate for loss associated with the item damage and settle the issues on compensation with the postal personnel.

    If customs duties and VAT must be paid, you are obligated to pay them, otherwise, the Aukciony.com company does not guarantee to receive the item back and refund money for the item and delivery.

    The company refuses to negotiate and compensate for any loss if upon receipt of the item the customer did not know about paying customs duties and expenses necessary for receiving the item. The client is obliged to make payments if while placing an order for delivery there were written future possible customs duties in a delivery form.

    Large items

    Large items are the ones which cannot be sent by a postal or courier service. Such items are delivered by road as a part of consolidated cargo. While placing an order for delivery of large items to your country, you select a country and a city for delivery

    In this case items arrive at our consolidation warehouse in Kursk (for goods purchased in the Russian Federation) and in Trieste (Italy) where goods purchased in the European Union are consolidated. After receiving the item, a transport company in the European Union (for deliveries within the EU) takes full responsibility for this item from Aukciony.com. If the client doesn't agree with these requirements he should collect the goods from the warehouse of temporary storage which he was informed about using his own resources. The client is considered to have agreed with the chosen shipping method if he hasn't offered his option of goods delivery or collection from the warehouse.

    The client should understand that when performing the delivery the Aukciony.com company carries out the basic international delivery of items which are later handed to companies specializing in transportation within a duty-free zone for delivery within a particular area.

    In case the client has complaints concerning quality of transportation, actions of personnel of a transport company, damage or stealing items during transport through the territory of Russia, the client should submit his claim directly to the carrier providing transportation in the Russian Federation. The client shall solve all issues concerning further item delivery within a duty-free area (after customs clearance the item is transported only to be delivered to a city of the recipient) with a transport company. In any disputes with a transport company, eu.aukciony.com provides only informational support to the client.

    To obtain compensation for item damage from a carrier (a transport company), we recommend to make a transportation damage report immediately upon receiving your item from the carrier. Otherwise it is difficult to prove that it was your carrier who caused damage during cargo transportation.

    Mail Forwarding orders (a customer pays for items directly to a seller)

    In this case, we just offer our client an address for receiving packages and their further shipment to a destination city. In case of receiving such an order, our company can not be responsible for the items purchased by you, as we are not aware of the initial condition of the item (if it's new, used, with damages stated in the sale). However, you can order a detailed inspection of the item by our personnel (a paid service), and if the item does not meet your expectations (and the seller's terms allow its return) it can be returned to the seller.

    If you agree with the Mail Forwarding shipment of your item to your city, the Company shall not be liable if there are any claims on the condition of the item on its delivery. But in case of problematic issues, we make every effort to solve disputable issues with the seller in your favour. The customer shall settle all the issues with transport companies, send notification letters and complaints directly to the carrier.


    Our website uses cookies to identify users of the website without saving any personal information. It is necessary to optimize the use of our website.

    Our website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users of our website without saving any personal information about you. It is necessary only to make the website better and provide information directly to you. Cookies are a small file consisting of letters and numbers that we store on your browser or hard disk of your computer.

    It allows to recognize and count the number of visitors and see how visitors move around the website. It also helps to improve the efficiency of the website in order to provide you with the best searching features.

    We do not store information that can be used for illegal purposes. You should understand that it is only for you to use the website easily.


    The property right is transferred after sending an order to the destination address, after transferring goods to a courier or postal service, or to a transport company after customs duties have been paid, and the status of the order on the website changes into "Sent".


    Item return
    It is possible to return an item if it hasn't crossed the border of the country of the seller and hasn't been checked for customs duties payments at the customs, i.e. prior to shipment from a consolidation warehouse in Europe or Russia. The item is possible to return only if the seller stated the terms for returning items on his website or in the item description. According to laws in many countries, the item return must be performed without giving reasons within 14 days unless longer period has been provided by the seller. Many large companies collect their goods from our warehouse by themselves. You just need to fill in an application form on the seller's website, if you purchase this item by yourself. If you need to send the item back to the seller, on the seller's website you notify him about the item return and arrange delivery directly to the seller's address. In the case of free return, you should fill in an item return form on our website and indicate that the seller will pick up the item from the warehouse by himself, as well as you should attach a completed form for a carrier (a form for returning items to a seller is usually in your personal account on his website). In case it's our company who purchases the item, you just need to inform us about your wish to return the item and fill in a return form on our website as well. The customer pays for shipping costs, customs duties. The fee for performing the work is not refunded.

    Procedure of returning items from our warehouse in Italy:
    If an item should be returned to the seller from our warehouse in Italy or Croatia, you can do it by yourself, similar to placing an order for delivery, but here you should place an order for delivery not to your city, but to the address of the seller/store (you are required to notify the seller about your wish to return the item). If you're making a claim concerning the quality of the item (defects), or if the seller has delivered the item of wrong size, colour, the item thus will be sent back to the seller from the warehouse in Italy, and the money will be returned to the client at the expense of the seller. The return or exchange of the item is impossible if it is stated in the item card (in store) that the seller does not accept claims for different type / quality / condition of the item.

    After receiving money from the seller, our manager will immediately return it to your balance. You can transfer it from your balance back to your account.

    Money withdrawal

    • To withdraw money from your balance you should complete a withdrawal form in your personal account or just send us an email to info@Aukciony.com containing a request for withdrawing money.
    • Money withdrawal in favour of third parties is not allowed.
    • It is possible to withdraw only the full remaining amount of the balance.
    • It takes 10 working days to withdraw the money.
    • Withdrawal fee is 5% (bank transfer, fees of payment systems).
    • Withdrawal is not possible, if some of your items have not been shipped yet.
    • If you credited money via an OnPay device, the withdrawal will be possible only in the form of electronic money or to your mobile phone.


    • ИП Молев Евгений Викторович
    • г. Москва
    • ул. Гамалеи, 19/ 2 - 73
    • 123098
    • ОГРНИП 318774600295657
    • ИНН 253708629871
    • р/с 40802810302140001290
    • БИК 044525593


    Our company performs cargo handling, and the specified weight is considered the actual weight. It may differ from the one specified in the original data of some courier services, because many companies perform transportation according to the volumetric weight, and it means that the initial weight indicated in the accompanying documents may be more or less than the actual one.

    You should understand that the item weight may vary if our company removes, replaces or uses stronger packaging of the item.

    You should agree with the packaging weight and size specified in the order. In other cases, our company will not be able to send you the item and will refund you money for the item keeping the fee.


    Using the Mail Forwarding service (Maill Forvarding) means that you use our foreign address for sending items that you purchased to your country. The amount of fee for receiving packages/cargo is published on the website.

    You should agree with the requirements for international shipments and read the information about restricted and prohibited items. Only after that our company can receive the items you purchased abroad. In case of sending prohibited items to our address, our company has the right to destroy the item or to refuse to receive it at the warehouse.

    You should submit any additional (accompanying) documents if it's required, otherwise we do not guarantee the shipment of the items. The items will be stored at the warehouse for 2 months until the required documentation is received.

    You should guarantee the declared value of the item by confirming it in the order form on eu.aukciony.com

    The customer should cover all expenses upon receipt of the item, as well as with the required permissions, since he is a buyer of the item and is aware of the requirements for both sending and receiving.