Assisted purchase and delivery service
from Russia and Europe

1. How much does it cost to ship?
  • Shipping cost from Russia = tariff + packaging (<5 kg € 9, <10 kg € 18)
  • Shipping cost from Italy, Germany = tariff + packaging (<5 kg € 9, <10 kg € 18)
2. How to buy in Russia?
Follow this link.
3. How to get an address for shopping?
Sign up and follow the link (shopping addresses are shown in your account)
4. How to pay?
To pay for delivery, use the Paypal, Visa / Mastercard payment or bank transfer.

About Us

About company

  • Company Aukciony.com stay in sity Rieka, the Republic of Croatia and established in 2010 for organize the delivery of goods/cargo from Europe and Russia.
  • After 5 years of successful work with clients from Russia, the company decided to organize the delivery not only from EU countries, from the Russian Federation too. Extensive experience and knowledge of logistics and customs clearance, allow us to offer customers the most profitable and competitive price.
  • Excellent knowledge of Russian mentality allows us to reduce risks and losses for European customers.

Our company provides services:

    For companies

  • Request information from any companies and manufacturers in the Russian Federation
  • Request for information on the fabrics in Europe
  • Repurchase of the goods to the customer
  • Pick up the goods from factories and companies
  • Delivery to the destination city
  • Customs clearance and transportation in the country
  • Carriage by sea, departures from the ports of Italy, Croatia and Russia
  • Warehousing service
  • Organization and quality control of factory shipments
  • Support for business meetings in Russia
  • For private persons

  • The purchase of goods in the territory of Russia and Europe
  • We setup an address for you in Italy, Germany and Russia
  • Sending parcels through postal and courier services
  • Delivery of large-sized purchases with or without customs clearance
  • Provides addresses of warehouses for the reception and delivery of goods to the customer
  • Repacking and packing parcels, photo report, inspection of goods
  • Reduce the risks when buying in Russia
  • E-mail about delivered shipment

On this site you are creating your own orders - orders for the purchase and delivery your goods from online stores or manufacturers.

For users who can buy goods onine, our company offers the address of the warehouse, located in different countries, to receive and transfer the parcel to your city (Mail forwarding address). Addresses you will find after registration .

    Site structure

  • The system of payment control
  • Accounting for your orders
  • Ability to combine orders into one shipment
  • Use of virtual address for independent shopping
  • Easy system of communication
  • Careful packing your goods
  • Purchase in 1 click

All this you can create a system, each physically perform your disposal our company.