Assisted purchase and delivery service
from Russia and Europe

1. How much does it cost to ship?
  • Shipping cost from Russia = tariff + packaging (<5 kg € 9, <10 kg € 18)
  • Shipping cost from Italy, Germany = tariff + packaging (<5 kg € 9, <10 kg € 18)
2. How to buy in Russia?
Follow this link.
3. How to get an address for shopping?
Sign up and follow the link (shopping addresses are shown in your account)
4. How to pay?
To pay for delivery, use the Paypal, Visa / Mastercard payment or bank transfer.


2020-04-02Start shipment from Italy

2017-11-06Sale in Italy

2017-11-01Using the address of the warehouse in Russia

2017-10-01Free shipment MaxMara

2016-04-18Possible errors on the website

2016-04-16Shipping from Russia with customs clearance

2016-04-12Exibition of furniture in Milan, Italy

2016-03-16Address in Italy for online shopping

2015-12-16Address in Italy for online shopping was changed

2015-12-15SALE in the shops of Maxmara