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Assisted Purchase Fee 7% (min 5 €)
Using address for purchase in Russia, Italy, Germany (Virtual addres), 0% comission 3 €
Removing branded boxes, weight reduction 2 €
Combining into a single package Free
Basket for packages ( all purchases in a single box) 10 €
Fotoreport Free
Requests for prices, catalogs Free
Separate packages 5 €
Pick up your goods from courier company or post office 20 €
Storage parcels ( 2 Months ) Free
Tariff shipping with customs clearance (contact us) 3-8 €/Kg
Transport delivery without custom clearance Contact us
Assisted Purchase Fee 7% of price
Declaration for export
Lawyer Сheck of export documents
35 €
Request more information from the seller (size, volume, price regulation) Free
Documents translation (Russian, Italian, German, English, Croatian) 15 €/page
Extra package for furniture 50-100 €
Check your goods, repack 50 €
Wooden box 100 €/ 1 m3
Plywood box 80 €/ 1 m3
Glass packaging 25 €/sq.m
Wooden lattice 50 €