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1. How much does it cost to ship?
  • Shipping cost from Russia = tariff + packaging (<5 kg € 9, <10 kg € 18)
  • Shipping cost from Italy, Germany = tariff + packaging (<5 kg € 9, <10 kg € 18)
2. How to buy in Russia?
Follow this link.
3. How to get an address for shopping?
Sign up and follow the link (shopping addresses are shown in your account)
4. How to pay?
To pay for delivery, use the Paypal, Visa / Mastercard payment or bank transfer.

Delivery from Russia

Buying and delivering goods from Russia: specifics and tips

Russian online stores have long attracted buyers from Europe, Japan, America and other countries with their low prices and high-quality goods. Using our service en.aukciony.com, customers can buy and ship everything from Yandex Stations and books to woodworking machines and food. But, as in any country in the world, ordering and delivery from Russia is carried out according to its regulations and specifics. We will tell you more about these nuances right now.

Goods from Russia

Peculiarities of buying in Russian online stores

In most online stores in Russia, foreign customers cannot pay with their local cards or via PayPal. For ordering the item you want without any problems, we suggest using one of the alternative options.

Leading e-commerce platform in Russia

Redemption through the order form

Usually, to pay for goods in a Russian online store, you need to be the holder of a Russian bank card. Most buyers from abroad do not have one, but you can buy goods in Russia through the order form on our website. You will need to indicate name, size, colour, model number, etc. And also copy the link to the product from the seller's website. So that we can easily find and redeem your order. You can transfer money to a bank account using several payment options (shown in the ADD Money dashboard). To use this service, you need to register.

Creating order

Russian address for your purchases

If you want to redeem the goods yourself, you can always use our shopping address in Russia. You should enter it in the "Delivery address" field when placing an order. This is the address of one of our warehouses in Russia. There we will receive the goods and prepare them for further shipment to your home address. The complete list of addresses will be available after registration in the Personal Area. For more information about using the address for purchases check the website.

Your virtual address

Payment to the seller

You can always write to the managers of the online store yourself and ask them for an invoice for payment. You can make the payment to the bank using the provided bank details.

Help center

To pay for the order you created on the website en.aukciony.com just register and top up your balance with the required amount. How to form an order for the redemption of several products from one store or to pick up your purchases from the store, see on this page.

Important! Many Russian online stores send goods by cash on delivery, i.e. with payment on the spot. If you order goods to the address of one of our warehouses with payment on the spot, then be sure to write about this in the comments to the order, to the manager in the online chat or in the message on the website. We need to know this in advance in order to confirm your order when the store manager calls. And do not forget to replenish the balance in advance for the required amount. Account replenishment options are indicated in the Personal Area.

Delivery of goods within Russia

It also happens that the ordered goods are shipped to the nearest post office, to the point of delivery of parcels or the address of the transportation company. During the order creation process in a particular store, you will learn about possible delivery options in Russia. The system will offer you various options. And we also need to know about it in advance so that we can pick up your goods on time. Therefore, do not forget to indicate such information in the comment section to the order for the expected parcel. Picking up and transporting the parcel to our warehouse has an additional cost. Learn more about prices.

Delivery of goods within Russia

Delivery from Russia to your city

In our warehouse, you can collect several orders from different online stores into one package weighing up to 30 kg and send it to your home address. Very often, packaging from Russian online stores is not suitable for transportation abroad. Therefore, we carefully check its integrity, change the wrapping paper and boxes, prepare and repackage the parcels so that they can be delivered to you safely.

Delivery from Russia to your city

We send parcels in two ways: either by mail or by EMS. You can always track your order with the tracking number, which is attached to each shipment. Also, you will receive updates about the status of your parcel by email.

When registering delivery on our website, you can make an inventory of the goods and mention the cost of each item. This amount will be indicated in the export declaration.

If you are ordering parts, spare parts or other large-sized goods, then take into account its dimensions for transportation. For example, we cannot send an item with a length of 2.5 meters by mail or EMS, the maximum size of one side should not exceed 1.05 m (when sent by mail) and 1.5 m (when sent with EMS). For more information about the sizes and overall dimensions, check out the section Rates on our website.

Delivery from russia

For fragile goods, like chandeliers, dishware, mirrors, headlights, fragile plastic, etc., you will definitely need additional packaging. See the cost of all services below.

As for sending large goods (engines, cabinets, equipment), we deliver such cargo only to neighbouring countries. Namely, to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, etc. That is, to countries with duty-free import from Russia. In countries such as the USA, Australia, the EU, etc., delivery of bulky items from Russia is not yet possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Parcel info

Approximate Cost

Where to shop in Russia

Of course, this is not a complete list of Russian online stores. But if you don't know where to start yet, then our small review will help you figure it out.


One of the largest marketplaces in Russia. 19 million products from 20 thousand sellers.


An online fashion store of clothing, shoes and accessories.


Selling new and used cars, spare parts, auto accessories.


Online store of books, stationery, movies, music, software, toys


Professional cosmetics, dietary supplements, medical devices, health and beauty products.


Popular Russian e-commerce platform. More than 100 million products from 20 thousand stores


Bulletin board with new and used goods. Here you will find equipment, spare components, sports goods and more.


One of the most popular sites with classified ads from individuals. Huge selection of used goods, from cars to toys.


Portable speakers, stereo systems, car amplifiers, home appliances and other goods.

We are always ready to help you understand the intricacies of purchasing and delivery from Russia. And if you have any problems, our Russian managers can always talk on your behalf with the seller. To do this, you just need to send us:

Our managers will contact the store. They will respond in the comments to the order.

We hope that our tips will help you order and receive goods from Russia without any problems. If you have any questions, reach us by mail at info@aukciony.com or leave a message in the online chat on our website.

Enjoy the shopping.

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