Assisted purchase and delivery service
from Russia and Europe

1. How much does it cost to ship?
  • Shipping cost from Russia = tariff + packaging (<5 kg € 9, <10 kg € 18)
  • Shipping cost from Italy, Germany = tariff + packaging (<5 kg € 9, <10 kg € 18)
2. How to buy in Russia?
Follow this link.
3. How to get an address for shopping?
Sign up and follow the link (shopping addresses are shown in your account)
4. How to pay?
To pay for delivery, use the Paypal, Visa / Mastercard payment or bank transfer.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why do I need your services?

If you want to purchase some items in a store of the European Union or Russia which does not provide delivery to your country, we offer you to use our warehouses. To purchase any item and receive it in your city, you can just make a purchase order with a link to the product on a website and specify desired characteristics (colour, etc.).

2. How to use your mail forwarding for buying in stores?

If a store accepts credit cards of a type you have or PayPal, you can pay yourself and just give the address of our warehouse in a particular country as a delivery address. After receiving your items at our warehouse, we will send you an automatic email notification and photoreport. To get an address, register on our website and login to your personal account. You can see all our addresses in different countries here.

3. What is a guarantee that my shipment will be delivered?

By ordering a service called "intermediary" (purchasing items on customer's request), you'll get a free more stronger packaging of your parcel, taking into account specifics of operation of a courier and a postal service. Good packaging will protect your goods during transportation. In case of a package lost by a postal/courier service, we will take care of finding your package and returning funds to your account.

By ordering Mail Forwarding services (only delivery address), you pay for purchases directly to the retailer. We are not aware of his original state. Accordingly, our company cannot guarantee the lack of hidden damage, as well as this kind of service does not include the protection of the item caused by postal or courier errors. The company is responsible for the safety of your items within our warehouse, but it is not responsible for any problems associated with the transportation and safety of your items that can happen due to a carrier. Nevertheless, we are ready to assist our customers in resolving possible difficulties as far as we can. We recommend Mail Forwarding customers to order enhanced packaging and additional insurance of packages at the stage of the delivery registration if we believe it is necessary.

Additional wooden packaging (for consolidated shipments) is used for the safety of very large shipments that cannot be defined as "packages". If a customer refuses to use additional protective packaging in order to reduce size or weight of a shipment and to save on delivery, he must send a notification of such a refusal to our email info@aukciony.com. In this case our company is not responsible for any possible problems during the delivery.

4. How should I make an order for purchasing an item in an online store?

You must register on our website and complete an order form and give a link to the product, its price and features. Next you need to refill your personal account on our website. Once the account has been refilled, you can manage your orders: confirm purchase, order a delivery to your city, etc. We will start the purchasing process, as soon as you click add money.

Attention: We accept money only on bank transfers or card to card for Russia and PayPal for Europe.

5. Why has the price of the item increased in my order?

The order price does not only include a price of an item in a store (a retailer). It also includes the cost of delivery to a consolidation warehouse, a fee and a bank transfer. To see the total price explanation, click the letter "i" by the price amount.

6. The shop sends to any of your addresses, but not to my country, what address should I choose?

You need to study this shop/retailer's terms of delivery to every country and then choose the most suitable option. If you have difficulty with the selection or do not understand the language of the retailer, please contact our consultant.

7. How much is the fee for using your mail forwarding address?

This service is 3 euros for each package. If your order was shipped from the same shop (retailer) by several packages, you pay 3 euros per each separate package.

repackaging - 9 euros up to 5 kg, 18 euros up to 10 kg, 24 euros up to 20 kg, more than 20 32 euros. When you using our address, we do not take a commission on the value of goods, only if we make assisted purchase of goods for customer.

Our comissions.

8. I need to purchase and deliver furniture from Italy. How should I calculate the transportation?

Send your request to info@aukciony.com . Send a packing list, an invoice or dimensions of the item in packaged form. If you do not have such information, send us the contact details of the retailer or a link to the product and our managers will specify all the dimensions and calculate the cost for you. Please note that the final cost can be reduced or increased as it depends on actual dimensions of the item.

9. Can you help me to buy products without VAT?

Yes, if it is not contrary to the law and/or a retailer agrees to sell a product without VAT to your country.

10. I have ordered a package, when do I have to pay for a mail forwarding address?

After receiving your package, we will send you a notification to the e-mail you stated during the registration on our website and a photos and information about weight of goods. Immediately after that you will be able to pay our fee in the amount of 3 euros and arrange delivery to the city of your choice.

11. How can I place an order, if the price is in Czech crowns?

While placing an order you must write the price in euros, rubles, dollars, British pounds or Croatian kunas. There are a lot of tools to find out the exchange rate on the Internet. Or you can contact our online consultant for help. In case of a mistake made during placing the order, our manager will correct your order and notify you of the change before or after payment.

12. Please, tell me how much will the total delivery of package weighing 2 kg from Russia to Germany be?

The shipment will be sent from our branch warehouse in Miskow directly to your city according to the rates stated on the website. See home page. If you have difficulty with the calculation, please contact our online consultant.

Delivery rate + packaging(9 euros) + use of our address 3 euros, bundling of parcels free

13. Do I have to pay customs duties when I receive my purchase?

If you live in Europe and order a product in the European Union, then you do not have to. If you order a product outside your country (or union of countries) then the customs will check your package. You can check an approximate amount of customs payments on home page of the website. If you need to get the product without paying customs duties, please contact our consultant and he will calculate the most suitable delivery option.

If parcel comes from Russia, for customers in the European Union, payment of duties is foreseen.

If parcel comes from Italy to Lithuania(For example), then there are no duties.

If the parcel is sent from the European Union to Third World countries, see the customs duties in your country.

14. I need to use your address in Croatia for a shipment delivery from Japan, could you accept my shipment?

Of course, but you must inform our managers, and while placing an order for this package in comments you must write that the customs duties should be paid upon receipt.

15. I have found an item on Ebay USA - IPAD, how much will it cost me if you receive it and ship to me to Austria?

If you buy the product yourself, you have to understand that there is a possibility of paying customs duties. When you make such orders, it is better to consult managers on whether there are any additional charges. In any case, the company will receive your item and send you a notification upon its arrival.

Please send request on order@aukciony.com

16. An Ebay seller does not accept my bid as he says that he doesn't deliver to Poland, can you bid instead of me?

Yes, we can make a bid for an item with the maximum amount stated by you. Besides it, you can make your own bid by writing our address in your Ebay account and making it the mail address during bidding.

17. Can I give you my gift certificate for purchasing on Amazon?

No, you are the only owner of the gifts from vendors, unless otherwise provided. But we can receive your package.

18. How can I determine my shoe size?

You can use a size guide on our website, but it is better to use a sizing table on the seller's website since each store has its own sizing chart.

19. According to the track number of a carrier, my package arrived at your warehouse yesterday, why haven't you changed the status?

There is a sequential order processing, so every shipment waits for its turn to be processed. Immediately after processing, you will receive a message and a photorport.

20. Do you deliver big volume cargo shipments? How can I find out the cost?

Yes. Send your inquiry to info@aukciony.com

21. My package arrived at your warehouse in the UK, can I send my package immediately to Germany?

No, all packages and shipments for further shipping are collected at our consolidation warehouse in Trieste (Italy) and only after that they are shipped to the city of your choice.

22. Where can I write my review about the delivery?

After the status has changed to "received", there will be a button available in the order form -write a review. After you write review with a track number and a photo of your purchased item taken at home, we will add a certain amount to your balance depending on the completeness of the review. Minimum 2.50 euros, maximum 6.30 euros per a review, but no more than 5 reviews per year from one customer. For one delivery there can be only one review.

23. How can I get bank details for a bank transfer?

You will get an invoice for order/delivery/service. You can make a payment on the basis of the received data. You can also ask our consultant for bank details.

24. I am interested in one item of 2000 kg which is in Russia, I would like to use your help to deliver it to me to Berlin. How to start?

If you have already agreed with the seller about the price and the option to buy the item, please send your invoice to our email address and our manager will calculate the delivery. If you have just found the item and you wish to purchase it along with the delivery to your city, you can make an order for purchasing the item or send a delivery request to info@aukciony.com.

25. Where should I send my item documents?

The official email of our company is info@aukciony.com

26. I have some money remaining on my balance, how can I get them back?

Request a withdrawal of it back to your bank account (there is a withdrawal request form in your personal account). Please note, if you have chosen a currency of another country to be storage currency on your account, then the withdrawal will be carried out in accordance with the remaining money on your balance and currency exchange rate.